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Using Planted Containers within Gardens

Using Planted Containers within Gardens

Add a new dimension to conventional garden spaces

It can be easy to think of the garden as a place where plants only go directly into the soil and container plantings as something to sit on the deck or porch. There are times however, when placing containers of plants within the garden makes sense. Pots full of plants set amongst the in-ground garden residents can:

  • Create a focal point
  • Add architecture/art/dimension
  • Fill space until garden plants mature
  • Make it easy to change out and refresh things
  • Add colour/ interest when other plants are between bloom times
  • Help define garden style, such as; classic, rustic, whimsical, modern
  • Let you show off a plant that overwinters in the house, but comes outside for summer
  • Allow you to grow plants that have different soil or moisture needs than the garden provides

Use a single pot or multiples as best suits your needs. The plants themselves do not have to be limited to annuals. Perennials, vegetables, herbs, small trees and shrubs can all be grown in containers. Be sure the container plants are placed to get the light they need. Just as importantly, place them where you can easily access them to provide water, feed, trimming or any other care needed.

In late fall add a mix of bare branches and evergreen cuttings to your containers. You can enjoy the interesting colours and textures all winter long without any maintenance! Just remove them when you are ready to plant your spring plants.