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How to Create a Shady Retreat Garden

How to Create a Shady Retreat Garden

Getting Started...

A shady space in your yard, especially one that has respite from late afternoon sun, can be the perfect location for a cooling, calming getaway spot. Combining shade-loving perennials in a subtly contrasting mix of shape, texture and color assures beauty and restfulness for your peaceful retreat.

Keep the final height and width of your chosen plants in mind when placing them in the garden. Place taller ones near the back of border gardens or the center of island-style gardens. Arrange your selections in clusters of 3-5 plants of each variety for the most eye-appeal.

The square footage of your garden area and the individual space requirements of each type of plant you choose will determine how many plants are needed. An average of one plant for every two square feet of space is a good place to start, and then check the individual plant tags for the final determination.

Companion Plants

Blue Fescue (Festuca glauca) 'Elijah Blue'

Powder blue tufts of foliage turn tan in winter for added interest. In early summer, small beige plumes rise above leaves. A splendid choice for adding soft texture to the landscape. More Details »

Japanese Painted Fern (Athyrium niponicum) 'Pictum'

This is the plant for anyone who wants great color and texture from a plant with zero maintenance. The fronds of this fern are a beautiful blend of burgundy-red, green and silvery gray tones so… More Details »

Hosta, Plantain Lily (Hosta hybrid) Assorted

Hosta are the go-to plant for many gardeners dealing with shade. They do well with morning sun in Northern zones, especially gold-leaved varieties, but are best in all day shade in areas such as the… More Details »