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It’s Time to “De-Winterize” the Garden and Prepare for Spring

Quick tips to tidy up the landscape It's a little early for planting in most parts of the country, but it's high time to lay the groundwork for a spectacular spring in the garden. Winter weather can… Read Article »

Using Planted Containers within Gardens

Add a new dimension to conventional garden spaces It can be easy to think of the garden as a place where plants only go directly into the soil and container plantings as something to sit on the deck… Read Article »

Vegetable Choices for Cold Frames

Cold frames are perfect for growing vegetables that thrive in cool temperatures or for starting seeds and cuttings so you can get a jump-start on spring. Read Article »

Extend the Growing Season with a Cold Frame

Many vegetables grow better in cooler temperatures. A cold frame will extend your cool-season harvest or create a space for starting plants earlier in the spring. Read Article »

Container Facelifts for Fall

Celebrate the rich colours and textures of the harvest season! Read Article »

How to Build a Bird Friendly Garden

With some thoughtful planning you can attract a wide range of birds to your backyard. Read Article »

Growing Vegetables in the Shade

Short on sunshine? Check out these shade-tolerant veggies. Read Article »

Designing with Tiny Hostas

Now you can enjoy the enduring beauty and reliability of Hostas on a smaller scale. Read Article »

Using Perennials and Shrubs as Container Plants

Annual flowers in full bloom are an easy way to spruce up your doorstep, but plants with a longer lifespan – shrubs and perennials – are equally worthy of container culture. Read Article »

Simple Garden Style: Tips for Building Beautiful Wooden Raised Beds

Putting together a raised wooden bed is one of the easiest and most rewarding garden projects. Often used to grow vegetables, bottomless wood planters provide perfect drainage and create a barrier to invading weeds. Read Article »

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