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Garden Hacks – How to Garden during Drought

When water resources are scarce, follow these 7 water-saving measures to limit your water usage, but allow you to continue enjoying a garden. Read Article »

Safely Repelling Mosquitos with Plants

Quite a few common plants contain natural compounds that mosquitos find offensive and avoid. Read Article »

“True North” Edibles for Canadian Gardens

Why long to grow peaches, when you can grow a good Saskatoon? Canadian gardeners with a passion for producing an edible harvest often lament the short growing season and bitterly cold winters that… Read Article »

Celebrate Canada Day with Blooming Plants!

Start planning now to decorate with flowering plants for the sesquicentennial celebration of Canada Day. Read Article »

Tomato Caging, Staking and Pruning

A little support yields big, tasty benefits! Staked and pruned tomato plants tend to produce fewer tomatoes, but the fruits that result will be larger, healthier and earlier. The following tips… Read Article »

Prefinished Flowering Bulbs

The answer to your dreams of spring! Potted flowering bulbs are a wonderful way to experience the colours and fragrance of spring in any season. Daffodil, Hyacinth, and Tulip bulbs can often be… Read Article »

“True North” Cold Climate Shrubs for Stunning Canadian Gardens

These exceptionally cold-hardy, deciduous shrubs are perfect for Northern regions. They’re tough, beautiful, and offer multi season interest in the landscape. Read Article »

“True North” Cold Climate Perennials for Carefree Canadian Gardens

Easy-care flowering perennials that grow well in Canada’s frigid conditions and return year after year. Read Article »

It’s Time to “De-Winterize” the Garden and Prepare for Spring

Quick tips to tidy up the landscape It's a little early for planting in most parts of the country, but it's high time to lay the groundwork for a spectacular spring in the garden. Winter weather can… Read Article »

Using Planted Containers within Gardens

Add a new dimension to conventional garden spaces It can be easy to think of the garden as a place where plants only go directly into the soil and container plantings as something to sit on the deck… Read Article »

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