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5 Easy to Grow Flowers for a Cutting Garden

Starting a homegrown cutting garden this season? Consider these low maintenance beauties. Read Article »

Petunias – Plants of Yesteryear

Petunias are the queen of the summer flower bed and princess of the hanging basket. Read Article »

Five Fast-growing, Well-behaved Groundcovers

When gardeners have a lot of terrain to cover and are looking for a low maintenance, inexpensive way to do it, they head to the groundcover department at their local nursery. Read Article »

Planting Challenging Landscapes: The Deep Dark Woods

Challenges of planting in shady locations; low light, soil conditions, plant selection, and working around tree roots. Read Article »

Plants to Celebrate Springs Return

Plants to Celebrate Spring's Return Late winter into early spring is when we crave fresh growth, a bit of colour…some sign that spring is really returning!! Swelling buds... Read Article »

A Bit of Chrysanthemum History

More than just a late-season garden booster, Chrysanthemums are used throughout the world in medicine, pest controls, edibles and teas. Read Article »

Care Tips for Hardy Mums – From Container to Garden

Hardy mums come in hundreds of colours and flower forms and bloom for several weeks in autumn. Read Article »

Arugula bowl

This bowl offers an attractive, simple to grow mix of the Arugula varieties 'Dragon's Tongue', 'Wasabi', 'Sylvetta' and 'Astra'. All rich in vitamins A C! This perfect mix is sure to please the… Read Article »

Anouk Lavender

Don't let the compact size fool you! 'Anouk' Lavender delivers big with soothing fragrance for you and nectar for pollinators. The perfect balance of colour and texture it offers up are an added… Read Article »

Tomato Caging, Staking and Pruning: Why and How

Staked and pruned tomato plants tend to produce fewer, but larger, healthier and earlier fruit. Without a lot of effort, you can have success such as this with your crop. There are many established… Read Article »

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