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Autumn Cut Flower Bouquets

Autumn Cut Flower Bouquets

Applesauce, pumpkin patches, cool air, hayrides, football games, and giving thanks - everything about autumn is incredible! During the fall season, even the flower garden offers a bounty of amazing color to bring indoors to enjoy in bouquets.
It's especially easy to gather a beautiful bouquet from the garden in the fall. Many annuals keep producing blooms well into the crisp days of autumn. Beyond all the colorful blooms that are typically strutting their color this time of year, such as Garden Mums and Black-Eyed Susans, take advantage of all the other textures and color in the landscape, such as berries, branches, grasses, and foliage when putting bouquets together. And remember, there is still time to add a few new perennials to the garden before the temperatures turn icy. Get out there and take advantage of fall clearance sales in garden centers so that next year your cutting garden will be stocked with an abundance of color for you to cut with reckless abandon.

Favorite selections for creating creative and colorful bouquets

Dahlias -These bold beauties provide some of the best color of the season. Beginning in mid to late summer, and continuing well in to the autumn season, the long lasting blooms are available in just about any color and size you could dream up. Their sturdy stems make them especially nice for bouquets.
Foliage & Greens - The trees that surround the landscape can be part of an autumn bouquet too. The patterns and delicate shapes of leaves should be enjoyed up close as well as from afar. Incorporate a small branch of fiery red Japanese Maple or a sprig from the Gingko tree in all its golden glory, with a mix flowers for a stunning display. Closer to the ground, Hosta, variegated or solid and perennial ferns make excellent fillers in bouquets or can be amazingly striking all on their own.
Grasses & Grains - Grasses come in an assortment of forms from tiny to towering. Their colors can be just as diverse. The long blades and plumes are wonderful as fillers or accents, adding grace and drama to bouquets. Some easy to grow choices to consider adding to your cutting garden are the Pennisetums, or Fountain grass and Miscanthus, commonly referred to as Maiden Grass. For added interest, grasses, which develop seed heads such Sorghum, otherwise known as Broom Corn and Chasmanthium or Sea Oats, lend a true autumn feel to any mixed bouquet.

Sunflowers - There is just something about sunflowers that make us smile. There are many varieties available in various shades of yellow, orange, and red, and dwarf in size, making it possible for you to enjoy a multitude of these sun lovers without taking up a ton of space in the garden. Look for varieties that are pollen free so you will not be wiping up pollen every day once you bring the blooms indoors to enjoy.
Viburnums & Berries - Many shrubs ring in the spring season with buckets of blooms, while others save their true colors for Autumn. Viburnum trilobum, or American Cranberry Bush is one of the best for fall display. The clusters of ruby-red fruits are the perfect accent to an autumn bouquet. Viburnum dentatum, or Arrowhead Viburnum is another beauty, which produces bluish-black berries.

Zinnias - What's an autumn bouquet without Zinnias? Well, there are many beautiful bouquets without them, but for a great show of color until frost, they just cannot be beat. For easy picking, check out some of the disease resistant varieties on the market such as the Zahara® or Profusion Series of Zinnias.